A new brand of sportswear for Sneakerheads called Sneakerhabbit is a staple and hoodies are phenomenal


LOS ANGELES, Calif., October 13, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) РFounder and CEO of Sneakerhabbit, L̩on Fontaine had always dreamed of creating a line of clothing for sneaker enthusiasts. Leon has been deeply involved in the fashion industry for years and has worked with renowned iconic brands like Kanye West, Ed Hardy, Saint Laurent and Giorgio Armani. his own dream.

The coronavirus pandemic has shaken the lives of people all over the world and Leon’s world has not been left out. He has lost an incredible job with fashion and music icon Kanye West due to the pandemic. Leon found he was ready to follow his long-held dream. After spending time, money and several months of research, he revealed a gap in the clothing industry.

He discovered that there was a lack of luxury designs geared towards sneakerhead culture and that this community was not properly represented in the fashion industry. This discovery was the match that ignited the Sneakerhabbit flame.

Inspired by other top designers, Sneakerhabbit is a brand that turns T-shirts and hoodies into unique, eye-catching pieces that make a splash. Sneakerhabbit creates clothes that any sneaker lover can relate to and clothes that can be worn with sneakers in all shapes, colors and designs.


Our mission is to create a clientele of fashion-united sneakerheads who aren’t afraid to show their love for sneakers while living their best life.

We have created a collection of high quality graphic images related to sneakers printed on high quality materials. All Sneakerhabbit pieces are essential clothing designed to stand the test of time and transcend the seasons. We remain consistent and uncompromising in style, design and quality.

Using bold, daring, exciting, urban and stylish imagery, we tell the story of our love for sneakers and create clothes that effortlessly add to every sneakerhead’s wardrobe. When you think Sneakerhabbit think confident, daring, daring, creative, think free speech and exclusive clothing that lets you go out and live your best life!

To learn more about Sneakerhabbit, visit https://sneakerhabbit.com/


Leon Fontaine

Cell: 818-221-5180

Email: [email protected]






* VIDEO (YouTube): https://youtu.be/2Ji8iG-c9Uk

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Caption: A new brand of sportswear for Sneakerheads called Sneakerhabbit.

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