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The popularity of fitness is not limited to exercise. Innovative diets, fitness equipment, and televised events are all part of the community. The athleisure sportswear scene is probably one of the most focused parts of the industry as everyone wants the best gear to stay in shape. Almost everyone who even thinks of fitness should dress for safety and comfort. If you’re looking to start your fitness journey, or need an upgrade, here are some of the best sportswear brands to consider.

Top 7 popular sportswear brands in the sports world

Under protection

It’s no surprise that Under Armor has been relentless with its marketing and celebrity collaborations. Dwaine Johnson, for example, has his own series and the brand also doesn’t shy away from celebrating contemporary campaigns like the pride movement with exclusive launches.

The strength of the brand lies in its versatility, as the brand offers polo shirts, running shoes, leggings, masks and much more. Sports the brand is involved in include golf, basketball, running, soccer, the outdoors, and other forms of training. If you are looking for a general starting point, it would be difficult to look for something that Under Armor won’t have for you.

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If you are looking for the face of yoga clothes, look no further than Lululemon. The brand has broken through its niche in yoga and has grown into an established brand that yogis are proud to practice. As the brand took off for its premium yoga clothing, Lululemon transcended its own limitations; offering a choice of gloves, water bottles, hats, bags and more for men and women.

Lululemon is an equally viable brand to check out if you enjoy running and doing static workouts. Lululemon caters to the athleisure crowd as well and offers plenty of choices for casual wear.

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Nike is arguably the face of all sportswear and for good reason. The brand has set the standard for premium sportswear since its beginnings in the 1960s. The brand has not only sponsored almost every sport in one form or another, but has also made waves in the collector’s world. sneakers.

Nike has shown its ability to go from profitability to producing some of the most premium products you can think of. You can never go wrong with Nike and it’s an absolute classic that fits any sport you want to play. While Nike is undoubtedly reliable for all of its products, taking a look at its shoes could be a great place to start.

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While Reebok has been fairly hit and miss with the younger clientele, there is no denying that what the brand may struggle with in contemporary marketing can be offset by prestige level quality. Although the brand has not found a niche market for its products per se, it has worked with many partners to produce a series of impressive collections.

Reebok is simple in design and will suit those seeking understated efficiency. The brand has a bit of everything and can appeal to both dedicated athletes and avid fans of the athleisure look. Reebok’s Vintage Club C 85 shoes and Classic Vector track pants are decent workout points to check out.

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While Champion is a versatile brand that can cover almost anything, many of its products are geared towards competitive fighters. Despite this, Champion is not its audiences and continues to open its arms to all kinds of consumers.

Champion recently launched a series dedicated to Mohamad Ali and emphasizes his virtues through simple quotes and designs on basic boxing clothing such as hoodies, shorts, etc. Their overall selections are limited, but there is an undeniable level of premium associated with the brand. While the Champion brand is rather boutique in its selections, they are also designed to be seasoned by regular athletes.

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Lovers of the great outdoors will not need to go further than Patagonia. The brand knows the outdoor climate like few others and has designed equipment that is resistant to rough terrain, bad weather and other obstacles that may come your way. For a full off-road experience, the brand uses a cool, quilted ultralight material known as Capilene.

Interestingly, Patagonia also offers food choices for the outdoors, as well as other products for women and children. Patagonia is also very committed to preserving the environment and encourages used sales so that customers start recycling.

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This list couldn’t be complete without Nike’s rival for what seems like ages, Adidas! The brand has undergone transformations that would make each decade of development appear completely different from the last. From its dedicated sports section to its renowned streetwear branch, everything Adidas touches will have its place for an occasion or two. Adidas is known for its three stripe design that appears on both clothing and shoes, having retained that consistency as their designs change around it.

Adidas has made courageous collaborations with Lego, Beyonce, Bape and more. The brand has established itself as a titan of the sportswear industry and continues to produce impressive designs and premium materials without compromising the basic look that defines the brand. Streetwear, athletic sweaters and hoodies from Adidas are all great places to start.

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