Uncategorized Cash loan in Baili Execut – reviews.

Cash loan in Baili Execut – reviews.

Baili Execut is characterized by innovation and solutions tailored to the individual expectations of customers. The bank focuses on high availability through online and mobile channels, thanks to which it attracts a large number of young and dynamic people. In its offer, Baili Execut has products targeted at both individual recipients and institutional clients.

Baili Execut – loan offer

Baili Execut - loan offer

The loan at Baili Execut is adapted to a diverse group of recipients. Individual clients as well as small and medium enterprises will find the right offer in the bank. Corporations also see the institution as a potential source of external financing. Baili Execut has also prepared an offer for more demanding individual clients, for which it has created a number of services under the Citigold Private Client brand.

The maximum loan amount of Baili Execut is up to PLN 150,000. PLN, and the entire application process takes place without leaving home. Baili Execut adapts to the expectations of modern customers, therefore it minimizes formalities, which results in a short period of processing the applications.

Baili Execut cash loan

Baili Execut cash loan

Baili Execut’s cash loan is the flagship item on the bank’s offer. The loan is intended for an individual customer. Anyone who passes the creditworthiness check can count on a maximum of 150,000. zł. The longest available loan period is 10 years. The actual Annual Interest Rate of the loan in Baili Execut SA is at the level of 9.32 percent. Thinking about its clients, the bank also often introduces promotions, constantly increasing the competitiveness of its loans.

Citi cash or credit card loan – how does it work?

Citi cash or credit card loan - how does it work?

An alternative to a cash loan is a credit card loan. One such offer is the proposal of the Baili Execut bank. Citi credit card holders can take a loan with a card limit of PLN 500 up to the amount that is their card limit. This is determined individually on the basis of creditworthiness.

To change your credit card limit into a loan (cash loan alternative), all you have to do is go to the bank’s website, log in to your account and click the appropriate button (“Loan from Cards”). After that, all you have to do is select the amount (it cannot be greater than the unused credit limit), the number of installments (max. 60) and choose the account to which the money will be transferred. In this way, additional funds can be obtained quickly without any requests or formalities.

The installments to be repaid monthly are later visible on your credit card statement and included in the minimum amount required for repayment. The actual annual interest rate is 16.80%. The credit limit is renewed with every repayment made. This is a good alternative to a cash loan because cash is available immediately.

How to apply for a cash loan at Baili Execut?

How to apply for a cash loan at Baili Execut?

The entire process necessary to obtain a loan from Baili Execut takes place without leaving your home. You can apply for a loan online. In addition to the data you provide in the online application, the bank will also expect a salary certificate. A sample document can be found on the bank’s website. For your convenience, instead of a certificate, you can also provide a scan of your bank statement with income from your salary.

Often no more than 60 minutes elapse from submitting an application for a loan at Baili Execut SA and its final decision. The bank strives to minimize the number of burdensome formalities.

Credit insurance at Baili Execut

Credit insurance at Baili Execut

Baili Execut offers “Safe Installments” insurance to all borrowers. The product is dedicated to customers applying for a cash loan. It provides protection for you and your loved ones in the face of unforeseen situations, such as an accident or sudden loss of life. Insurance of a cash loan from Baili Execut will guarantee your family’s liquidity insurance. It is a completely voluntary product and does not affect the decision to grant a loan.

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