“Dear competitors”: a brand’s call to unite the outdoor and sportswear industry

Think what would happen if GORE-TEX, The North Face, Swix, Norrona and countless other brands got together.

“Dear competitors of the sportswear industry,” began Kari Traa. “Why don’t we steal our secrets? “ Curious about where this is going? U.S. too.

From reusing their own wool scraps to learning how to create compostable packaging, Kari Traa goes to great lengths to become more sustainable as an outdoor brand. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

As Traa argues, achieving the ultimate level of sustainability across the industry will only happen if brands come together – share their processes, their innovations, their secrets. Learn to reuse materials, incorporate each other’s technologies.

Cut to a photo of Traa cutting fabrics from retired clothing – sewing six or seven different brands together in one redesigned base layer.

“To be fair, we find the road to sustainability quite bumpy. We have so many questions and not enough answers, ”Kari Traa teased in the film’s description.

“If we are to become more sustainable, we have to acquire the right know-how and learn from others in the industry. Because when it comes to sustainable development, we should certainly look less like competitors than partners. “

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