Uncategorized Extra Cash – installment reviews and reviews.

Extra Cash – installment reviews and reviews.


Extra Cash is a new player on the online loans market in Poland. The company provides loans up to PLN 15,000. The first loan of up to PLN 10,000 is free. That is why it is worth considering using this non-bank institution’s offer, and get familiar with its details beforehand. The company lends us money for a period of 4 to 48 months!

First loan up to PLN 1,000 for free

First loan up to PLN 1,000 for free

People who use the services of the Extra Cash company for the first time can apply for free PLN 1,000, and in the case of reusing the offer, up to PLN 15,000. In addition, new customers who decide to take out a loan from this company will receive an additional injection of money for free – they will not incur any additional fees if they repay within 30 days. After repayment of the first liability, the next one may amount to as much as PLN 15,000 – this is also the maximum amount we can apply for. We will receive a loan in installments at Extra Cash for 4 to 48 months. This is a very favorable loan period, which can be flexibly adjusted to the amount borrowed. This allows the needs and financial possibilities of different clients to be taken into account. What’s more, the company gives us the opportunity to extend the repayment deadline or early refund, and the amount of the commitment will be reduced by costs that relate to the repayment period. These are additional amenities that allow customers to meet the conditions contained in the offer.

Extra Cash loan – for whom?

Extra Cash loan - for whom?

Like other loan companies, this institution has requirements for its clients. However, they are not too strict and many people can count on the financial commitment of this lender. To become a customer of Extra Cash, you must be a citizen of Poland, be at least 21 and a maximum of 80 years old and have your own bank account. The client’s age range is very favorable – the company takes into account both very young borrowers and those much older. You also need a cell phone. The decision is also influenced by our history in the debtors’ databases – you cannot be entered in the registers of Economic Information Bureaus, i.e. the National Debt Register (KRD), ERIF Register of Debtors and BIG InfoMonitor. In the case of regular customers, you can apply for another loan up to PLN 15,000 only after paying the previous one.

3 verification methods in Extra Cashe

3 verification methods in Extra Cashe

The Extra Cash loan application process is transparent and simple. There are three options for confirming your identity: via verification transfer, by logging in to the KontoX application and at the nearest post office using the GIRO check – the latter option is being implemented. After selecting the repayment amount and period using the slider, complete the form and register on the website. In order to verify the identity and confirm the registration, we can log in to the bank account using the KontoX application. If you use the application, it will connect to our Bank Account for a few seconds using an encrypted SSL connection. Positive verification allows you to transfer money immediately. When connecting to the Bank Account, no data is saved. The application only compares our registration data with the data provided when logging into the Bank Account. We receive information about the verification result by SMS and e-mail.

How to take out a loan in Extra Cashe?

The Extra Cash registration form does not differ much from the competition registration form. We need about 5 minutes to fill in all fields, verification is also simple, fast and painless. Check how to take a loan at Super penny on the video below.

Extra Cash – a company open to its customers

Extra Cash - a company open to its customers

If we care about comfortable contact with the lender, the more we should use the services of Extra Cash. This lender enables us to consult with their representatives when we need advice. There is such a possibility thanks to multi-channel customer service. Extra Cash. Call Center consultants are at his disposal. Their support will be helpful when closing sales. This is a very important convenience, because we do not have to rely solely on ourselves and our own intuition – in financial matters it is of great importance. The largest industry portals – LoanPortal and Loando – see treatments that facilitate communication and an attractive offer. Extra Cash is the leader in the rankings of both comparison engines. The evolution of the company in the right direction can be seen on the example of media expansion. Extra Cash provides online loans, but when it comes to advertising, it decided to go beyond the digital sphere. How did the company deal with the TV debut? Judge for yourself.

In addition to developing the marketing offer, Extra Cash also improves the loan application process, introduces the so-called mild scoring. The analysis will take into account more data, which in many cases can affect a positive decision regarding our application. Therefore, our chances of a loan are greater, which is undoubtedly an important convenience for many uncertain clients.

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