From Basement to Showroom: New Sports Supply Company Opens in Jasper



Corey Scherer sits in the nearly empty warehouse he is expanding into with his new sports supplies business, Advances Sports Supply.

When Corey Scherer walks into the building housing his new sportswear showroom and adjoining 11th Avenue warehouse in Jasper, he can’t help but be amazed at what he has created with the help. from his family.

“This is my dream,” Corey said of the new company, Advanced Sports Supply. “I have always had the ambition to own my own business.

Combined with a passion for the sport and a dedication to hard work, Corey is thrilled to be where he is.

Advanced Sports Supply opened in the new location in July, a year after the company was established in the basement of the Jasper family home. Corey saw an opportunity to jump into the sports supplies industry amid the pandemic as big business struggled. He took advantage of being small and nimble to start building.

After setting up his new business using savings and some of the stimulus money, he started contacting vendors who would work with him. Once these were set up, he started calling and emailing contacts across the country to get new accounts. It was not until December to make its first sale.

Lines Corey wears now.

He knew it would take time. As a factory manager for Indiana Furniture, Corey was trying to build the new business in his spare time.

But hard work pays off. Now he has customers across the country and in Canada purchasing sporting goods shipped directly from his new warehouse.

Advanced Sports Supply’s product list covers everything from pitch maintenance and preparation to all the gear and safety gear needed to outfit a team in a multitude of sports. Paint, chalk, bases, templates to line the fields and uniforms, it covers just about everything except shoes.

And he offers these lines to the public through the showroom which is only open by appointment at the moment. He has clothes at Champion, any type of ball you would need, baseball bats, bags, safety gear, nets, whatever you need.

Little by little, the showroom is coming together.

Corey attributes the rapid growth to his background in the sports supplies industry as well as the tremendous help from his family. His father, David, comes to help him ship items while he is at work. David and his wife, Rhonda, also help the children when things get hectic.

Corey also thanks his wife, Brittany, for her patience as he juggles late nights and his normal work schedule spending time with her and their two children, Rylan and Hadley.

But things are going well. At Sunday dinners, the family enjoys dreaming about the future together as they build the new business.

“I’ve always tried to get my hard work and vision to match so that it doesn’t really turn out to be a pipe dream. It is becoming reality, ”he explained from his new office.

Corey compared his passion and enjoyment of the processes involved in building a sporting goods business to a quote from a recent podcast featuring entrepreneur Mark Cuban. “He said there are two great days when you start a business,” Corey explained. “The day you decide to start a business and launch it. And, every day after that.

Advanced Sports Supply is located at 473 11th Avenue in Jasper. The company has several digital catalogs of equipment available on the website here and you can follow them on Facebook here. The phone number is 812-661-7769.

“There have been many sleepless nights,” Corey admitted. “But I’m building something for my son and my daughter. This is what I can establish for them that they can be proud of.


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