Ice Sports Equipment Company Willies Deploys Brightpearl Retail Operating System — Retail Technology Innovation Hub

“Having experienced very good growth over the past two years, it became clear that we needed to automate as much of the day-to-day running of our business as possible if we were to continue to provide the exceptional customer service we are known for,” comments Luke. . Wilson, manager at Willies.

“We explored many retail operating systems, but none offered the customization and functionality of Brightpearl. when we were 100% sure we went live.”

“Since then, we have further streamlined and improved the system to such an extent that we are confident that we can handle trading spikes without the typical stress and strain.”

Justin Press, SVP Customer Success at Brightpearl, said, “We are thrilled to welcome Willies to the Brightpearl family. As a relatively young company, it achieved rapid success and its manual in-line and in-warehouse systems were no longer proving effective – a common scenario for fast-growing retailers. »

“With Brightpearl in place to automate and streamline operations and enable deep visibility and reporting, the brand can grow fearlessly without the operational anxiety of adding additional apps and channels.”

“We know this is just the beginning for the team, and we look forward to supporting their journey.”

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