Magnolia de Gaineses Foundation Donates $ 73,000 in Sports Equipment to Waco Children Through National Non-Profit Organization | Local News


Rebekah McBride, Magnolia’s exterior visual manager, carries basketballs to place in boxes at the Bledsoe-Miller Community Center. Chip and Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia Foundation has partnered with Good Sports, a national non-profit sports organization, to distribute sports equipment and clothing to Waco children.

Staff Photo – Jerry Larson

Items donated as part of the local effort included first aid kits, skipping ropes, frisbee sets, dodgeballs, basketballs, volleyballs, pickleball equipment , soccer balls, bowling games, tether balls, swimming goggles and sportswear. The items went to children in need at Bledsoe Miller Recreation Center, Boys & Girls Clubs in Waco, Doris Miller YMCA and Special Olympics Texas – Heart of Texas.

Founded in the fall of 2016, the Magnolia Foundation supports “the most vulnerable children and families in our communities through orphan care, youth development, family housing and community catering,” said the porter. – Magnolia’s speech, John Marsicano, in an email.

Keswick said the Magnolia Foundation is interested in giving back to the community and not just through money.

“We’ve talked a lot about the reaction we see in children when they see new sports equipment and are able to put on a uniform,” she said. “They were wonderful to work with them. It just seemed like a good fit. I hope we can continue this partnership.

Marsicano said the foundation decided to work with Good Sports because there was “a lot of natural synergy” between the two organizations. Both want to serve the underprivileged youth of Waco and share the benefits of sport.

“Statistics show a sharp decline in physical activity and sports participation among young people – the gap for children affected by poverty is even wider – depriving these young people of the skills and the proven emotional, physical and intellectual benefits” and long term that opens the way for all. all kinds of other opportunities on the road, ”he said. “Good Sports is doing a great job of tackling these issues community by community, program by program, and we want to do our part to help remove any barriers that may stand in the way of the children of this community. We want to help these children and their families make extracurricular decisions based on their interests and passions, not if they have the resources or the equipment to participate. For us, that’s what it is.

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