Non-profit Braintree brings sports equipment to children in need across the country

BRAINTREE – A non-profit organization in Braintree is leveling the playing field for young athletes across the country.

Good Sports is the answer when children in needy communities want sports equipment.

“So we co-founded Good Sports in 2003 and since then, from the first 500 basketballs in the first year, we’ve distributed $90 million worth of equipment to 9 million kids across the country,” said co-founder and CEO Melissa Harper at WBZ. -TV.

Good Sports bridges the gaps between haves and have-nots. They provide youth organizations with the materials they need, reduce costs and keep children connected to their communities.

“I also think something that we don’t talk about the sport and what it does is give a sense of belonging. That they deserve the opportunity to be on this pitch,” said Chandelle Schulte, Vice President of Good Sports.

The organization has a 36,000 square foot warehouse. When they ship the equipment out to communities, it’s brand new equipment and the new equipment makes all the difference.

“When you give a kid a new pair of shoes or a new ball to a kid, we’ve seen the impact firsthand,” Harper said.

“Every child deserves this opportunity for new experiences,” Schulte told WBZ.

And it’s even better for the band when they see it all coming together. Volunteers who help get the equipment out.

“It’s really almost every donation that a volunteer touches to get to our partners and our communities, we couldn’t survive without them,” Schulte said.

Watch children play and thrive with new equipment.

“The most meaningful moments are when we attend events and a little child comes running up to you and says, ‘Thank you. Thank you for my sneakers and thank you for my ball,” and they are so excited for the occasion. These are the times that we truly cherish,” Harper said.

For more information, visit their website.

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