Q30 Innovations Launches First FDA-Approved Sports Equipment to Help Protect Athletes’ Brain During Head Impacts



The Q-Collar is intended to be worn around the neck with existing protective sports equipment. Designed for athletes 13 years of age and older, the Q-Collar is backed by years of research and FDA clearance, with over 25 laboratory and clinical studies, field testing by over 1,000 athletes and hundreds of thousands of head impacts in all sports, including football, soccer and hockey. Research on the Q-Collar has been conducted by leading medical institutions including Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Boston Children’s Hospital and University of Toronto, and published in numerous peer-reviewed medical journals.

“Since 2012, we’ve been working with leading medical, academic, engineering and design experts to develop a product that will help the next generation of athletes play safer and smarter ways,” said Tom hoey, co-founder and co-CEO of Q30 Innovations. “The launch of the Q-Collar in the United States is an important milestone for Q30 Innovations and the fight against brain injury in sport, and we are proud to make the Q-Collar available to athletes across North America. “

A team of medical experts from different specialties invented the Q-Collar after identifying the movement of the brain inside the skull, or “slosh,” as a key cause of structural changes in the brain. Q-Collar uses compression of the jugular vein to slightly increase the blood volume in the head, which reduces brain movement that can cause injury. By creating a tighter fit for the brain inside the skull, Q-Collar is safe and effective in helping to protect the brain of athletes from the effects associated with repetitive, sub-concussion impacts of the head.

“Over the past decade, coaches, athletes, parents and policy makers at all levels of sport have been forced to consider a deeper understanding of the potential for short and long term dangers of head injuries in sport, ”said Julien bailes, MD, chair, department of neurosurgery, NorthShore University Health System; and Chief Medical Advisor for Q30 Innovations. “With the US launch of the Q-Collar, athletes across the country finally have access to a new breakthrough in head injury protection that will allow them to play the sports they love with greater degree of security. ”

The Q-Collar is recommended for athletes participating in contact sports including, but not limited to football, soccer, lacrosse and hockey. The Q-Collar is available in eight different sizes, corresponding to different neck measurements, and is available for purchase for $ 199 (plus taxes). Team discounts are available. For more information on the Q-Collar, including the science behind the technology, size guides and how to buy, visit www.qcollar.com.

The Q-Collar was first launched commercially as a pilot in Canada in 2019 and is available to Canadian consumers at www.qcollar.ca.

About Q30 innovations
Situated at Westport, Connecticut., Q30 Innovations’ mission is to help protect the brain from the effects of head impacts on the athletic and battlefield. Since 2012, Q30 has worked with leading medical, academic, engineering and design institutions to research and develop the Q-Collar, an externally worn device that helps protect the brain from the effects associated with impacts. repetitive sub-concussion of the head. For more information, please visit www.q30.com.

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SOURCE Q30 Innovations

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