SLO CA Bike and Run closes downtown sports equipment store



Downtown San Luis Obispo is losing another business – and e-commerce competition is partly to blame.

SLO Bike and Run, a sports equipment and clothing store at 883 Marsh Street, closes for good on Sunday.

In preparation, the store is selling tools, bikes, accessories, clothing, bike racks and more, up to 80% off.

Husband and wife team Scott and Debbie Gower opened SLO Bike and Run in 2013.

They owned a similar sports store, Go For It Sports in Atascadero, for 14 years. It closed in 2018.

Scott Gower said the couple plan to retire to run and travel once SLO Bike and Run closes. They will also continue to sell sports equipment and nutrition products through their company, Go For It Sports, Inc., at racing shows.

Gower said the loss of customers to online retailing was a factor in the decision to close the San Luis Obispo store.

“If the community continues to shop online and only uses smaller stores for information – I joke that it’s a museum rather than a point of sale – they are doing themselves a disservice and hurting each other. to the community they need to thrive, ”he said.

Gower said stores in downtown San Luis Obispo will continue to close if community members visit them only to examine size or styles before shopping online.

He said he felt some guilt about shutting down SLO Bike and Run because he knew what it meant to many in the community. But, he added, he is eager to retire.

“It’s my passion,” Gower said. “I am very grateful to the customers, the community who have supported us.”

This story was originally published August 2, 2019 5:10 am.

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Ashley Ladin is a reporting intern at The Tribune in San Luis Obispo. She is a journalism student at Cal Poly.


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