South American sportswear leader Supertex accelerates its digitization journey with Coats Digital

Building on a partnership established in 2016, Supertex Group will gain full visibility into its planning and production processes with FastReactPlan, while leveraging local technology and industry expertise from the highly regarded Latin American team. by Coats Digital.

CALI, COL and LONDON, United Kingdom – October 27, 2021 – Coats Digital is delighted to announce that leading sportswear manufacturer Supertex Group will implement its FastReactPlan solution, furthering a strategic technology partnership that began in 2016 with the group’s adoption of GSDCoast’s Coats Digital, the international standard for garment cost optimization and sustainable manufacturing.

As the next step in a company-wide digitalization journey, Supertex Group will deploy FastReactPlan, the market leader in production planning, at its factories in Colombia and El Salvador – which together employ more than 5,000 people. and produce 1.7 million units per month.

Founded 37 years ago and recognized for continuous investment in technology and a highly skilled team, Supertex Group specializes in sportswear, for brands like Adidas, Under Armour, Patagonia and North Face.

To keep pace with the demands of its leading international customer base, Supertex has long recognized the importance of digitization. To improve its cost accuracy and standardize the sewing operation, Supertex implemented GSDCost in 2016. When the time came to take the next step in its digitization journey, Supertex again turned to Coats Digital to help improve on-time delivery and provide greater visibility into the group’s supply chain.

“In a very short time, digitization has gone from a competitive advantage to an indispensable requirement,” said Eduardo Herrera, CEO of Supertex Group. “Implementing an ambitious process modernization strategy will separate the winners from the losers in our industry.

The FastReactPlan project includes detailed planning of the 4 factories as well as the management of product and material development, which will allow Supertex to have a global visibility of the entire supply chain, to identify potential problems in a timely manner and improve the performance of all its facilities. .

“The highly intuitive nature of FastReactPlan, coupled with the ability to integrate different elements of the supply chain into a single solution, will allow us to make smart, informed decisions,” says Daniel Herrera, Project Manager for Supertex. “This partnership will also allow us to leverage the experience of the Coats Digital team, along with their proven solutions, to help standardize our processes and implement industry best practices.”

This partnership also serves as a strong foothold in the Latin American market, where Coats Digital is already working with other leading manufacturers to support their digitization journeys and strengthen their competitive position on the global stage.

“After being GSDCost users for some time, we are delighted that Supertex continues to see Coats Digital as a strategic technology partner for the future,” concludes Oscar Gonzalez, Coats Digital agent in Latin America. “With the implementation of FastReactPlan and the continued engagement of our experts in the region, we are proud that Coats Digital can support the continued growth of the Supertex Group through leading technology solutions and process excellence.”

About Supertex

Supertex is a recognized global leader in the manufacture of sportswear, constantly investing in proven technologies to ensure the highest quality products, produced using a variety of processes, managed by highly trained personnel with extensive sewing expertise. To meet global market demands and different customer needs, Supertex operates two manufacturing plants in Colombia and two in El Salvador. To learn more, visit

About Coats Digital

Coats Digital is the leading digital transformation partner for the fashion supply chain, powering sustainable processes and high value information through connected technologies. We leverage our deep industry and technology expertise to help brands and manufacturers optimize, connect and accelerate critical business processes, from design and development to method-time-optimization. cost, production planning and control, fabric optimization and workshop execution. Used in over 3,000 factories worldwide, our unparalleled end-to-end apparel, footwear and textile software and SaaS solutions improve agility, speed to market, efficiency, transparency and sustainability . Digital coats – transform with intelligence.

Coats Digital is the software business of Coats Group, the world leader in industrial yarn and a trusted industrial player.

About FastReactPlan

FastReactPlan is the market-leading apparel production planning software solution, supporting a faster, more reliable order confirmation process and an optimized production plan for delivery, speed and efficiency.

The highly visual and flexible “drag-and-drop” planning approach enables efficient planning across multiple plants, as well as fast, detailed and accurate planning of manufacturing lines/machines. Critical pre-production activities and material requirements are dynamically driven by the latest plan on a LEAN “just-in-time” basis, helping to reduce inventory and lead times.

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