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Eight local schools benefited from the Global Sports Mentorship Program (GSMP) when an official sports equipment handover was facilitated by South Africa’s first certified football referee Akhona Makalima and founding member of Wheelchair Tennis South Africa , Patrick Selepe.

Makalima, who officiates for FIFA, the Premier Soccer League, the Sasol Women’s League and the South African Football Association (Safa) and who Advocates for women in sport said the GSMP is a United States-based organization that helps women and people with disabilities participate in sport, provides them with opportunities and helps women use sport as a tool to develop. the economy. She added that through its two pillars, which focus on gender equality and the rights of people with disabilities, delegates from around the world come together to share action plans and ways to advance both areas. intervention.

We are mentored by female executives in the United States, we return to our countries and begin to implement our action plan. We want to give people the opportunity to play sports. We know people have limited resources, so we came to deliver the equipment. We want to come back and teach them how to use the equipment, identify the skills and maintain it, develop it and maintain it for the good of the country and the people.

Although she was born in Ngqamakwe, Makalima said that Komani held a special place in her heart as she was identified and developed in this community. “Everything I do and what I have now started is in Komani. I want to collaborate with schools here and in Ngqamakwe where we all work with teachers and students, share ideas, open opportunities and develop young talents among young girls and boys. I am here to pass on everything I have and share all the experiences of this community.

Former Komani combatants were among the beneficiaries and Makalima praised the group for their charitable work. “They keep encouraging people to play football, so this is our way of encouraging them to continue,” she said.

St Theresa Primary School, Van Coller, Edlelweni, Mpendulo, Lukhanji, Nonesi, Thembelihle and Louis Rex Primary School have been identified as beneficiaries of the program.

Headmaster of St Theresa Primary School Msondezi Bulu, who received the equipment for her school, said the donation was a sign of patriotism and proof that people and schools are growing thanks to people like Makalima and his team.

Ministry of Education’s after-school sports program coordinator Nomawethu Ncilitwa said:

We are touched and grateful for the sports equipment for the schools. Gratitude is not only for us, but for the students who will be using this equipment. It’s not every day that we are gifted. The development of the pupils does not depend only on academic knowledge, but also on extramural activities. This equipment will contribute to this development.


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