Sports equipment rental opens up new target groups

New retail concepts are emerging

There are even dealerships that are fully specialized in the rental business, such as the French company Ski-chic. Launched in 2018, there are no fixed stores or regular online store where goods can be purchased. Orders are placed online and delivered directly to the hotel. The service is currently offered in around fifty ski resorts in France. There too, with growing demand, says Jordan Valentin, co-founder of Ski-chic. “We’re growing about 50% season over season.” Outfits for the whole family are offered by brands such as Peak Performance, Fusalp, Quiksilver etc. For example, a Fusalp outfit at the public price of 930 euros costs 28.25 euros per day.
“We really took our time to test which products and which brands were suitable,” explains Valentin. “It is very important that the quality is there so that the customers are satisfied and that the outfits can be rented several times”. At Ski-chic, an item of clothing has on average more than ten users per season, at Houdini it is also between ten and fifteen. Outerwear and accessories such as goggles and gloves are offered, while Houdini also offers mid-layers. “The closer you get to your body, the less interest there is in rental clothing,” says Nanny Bergstedt of Houdini.

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