The 65 Most Interesting College Sportswear Deals


Colleges have capitalized on the thirst of big sportswear companies–


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– to have a place for their logos on school uniforms. The most recent deal published in the media is UCLA. The UCLA contract is worth $ 280 million over 12 years, the richest in history (the 65 best deals are listed at the bottom of this article).

College clothing offerings become prominent in the media as colleges expand or change clothing companies. For example, UCLA announced the 2016 change of company from Adidas and is now committed to Under Armor from 2017. Agreements are important because competitive sports schools want the best players and facilities and the company. of school clothes affects their decision.

These deals are to have sports programs – primarily football and basketball – serve as rolling billboards for their brands, appearing on TV and online over and over again, even after the end of the season. athletic event. Our numbers were primarily gathered by contacting schools and transaction documents, as well as using media sources like the Portland Business Journal.

One caveat: Due to the secretive nature of many of these agreements, the parts paid in kind (where the school receives clothing and equipment rather than money) are sometimes valued at retail and sometimes basically. But since the vast majority of these transactions are usually cash, the inconsistency has negligible impact on our list.

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