The best adventure and mountain sportswear in India

According to a statistical report, the global adventure tourism market size was around $112,225 in 2020. It is likely to grow at a CAGR of 20% for the period 2022-2028. In recent times, India has become a hub of global adventure tourism for its natural hills, scenic forests and scenic landscapes.

India attracts over 3.4 million adventure tourists annually according to a 2015 statistical survey. The actual figure may have dropped a little due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it may soon see a strong increase in adventure tourism once the COVID-19 crisis is over.

Among adventure tourism, winter sports have grown steadily in India. Skiing, snowboarding and ice hockey are among the most important winter sports in India. Likewise, adventure sports like sport climbing are also gaining momentum these days as the Olympics have recognized the sport in its entirety.

As the demand for professional sportswear and technical equipment is steadily on an upward trajectory, international outdoor brands are also making inroads in India for its gigantic market size and huge youth population.

If you are looking for high-end clothing and technical mountain sports equipment in India, you have come to the right place. Trek Kit is one of India’s exclusive retail stores where you can get top quality trekking kits, clothing and mountain sports equipment at attractive prices.


Rab is a famous brand founded by Rab Carrington. Rab manufactures an exclusive line of specialist outdoor clothing and apparel as well as the necessary trekking kits and equipment. All of its products are manufactured keeping in mind the needs and requirements of trekkers and adventure tourists in the harsh climate.

From Rab down slippers, Rab power stretch contact grip, windproof glove to Rab positron pro down jacket for men/women and various other essential mountaineering kit, Rab is a popular brand of adventure and mountain sports equipment to make your expedition more adventurous and exciting.


Primus was started in 1892 jointly by FW Lindqvist and JV Svenson while inventing a spotless kerosene stove. They worked around the clock in a small blacksmith shop in central Stockholm. They called the spotless kerosene stove primus, which means first in Swedish. Soon the demand for reliable stoves became a necessity among tourists and mountaineers going on thrilling expeditions.

A number of expedition records were created over the following decades, including Roald Amundsen’s visit to the South Pole in 1911, and ultimately becoming the first person to do so is significant. Almost 42 years later, Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary’s successful expedition to Mount Everest in 19853 is still a world record. They were the first in history to land on top of Mount Everest.

leather man

Leatherman is a popular American brand, which manufactures and supplies high quality multi-tools and knives, necessary for adventurous travel, especially in hills and forests where adventure tourists may face unexpected problems at any time. time and anywhere.

Leatherman Mut Eod Multi-Tools, Leatherman Super Tool 300 EOD Multi-Tools and Leatherman Rebar Multi-Tools are some of the key products, which come with guaranteed Leatherman quality.

Osprey backpacks

Osprey is one of the pioneers in providing high quality backpacking with a heritage of over 38 years. Founded by Mike Pfotenhauer, Osprey has grown to become one of the most beloved backpack brands in the world.

From backpacks, carriers, beetles and skimmers, get any Osprey-branded backpack you want online at Trek Kit.

Some of the other popular brands of adventure clothing and mountain sports equipment available in India are HydraPak, Craghoppers, Grivel, Fjallraven, Salewa, Garmin and more.

Always take good quality adventure clothing and sturdy mountain sports equipment whenever you go on an adventurous trip or expedition because you never know what nature may have in store for you. For more information, you can visit Trek Kit and get all relevant details about popular mountain gear and clothing brands in India.

Trek Kit Brand Ambassadors Initiative

Trek Kit is also proud to have a strong team of brand ambassadors and mentors who are not just extraordinary explorers, but an inspiration to hundreds and thousands of budding mountaineers, mountaineers and tourists alike. adventure and explorers who want to follow them.

Mandip Singh Care (Mandy)

Mandip Singh Soin chose adventure and expedition over the highly prestigious civil service position. Although he passed the toughest UPSC exam, he started his own adventure travel business in 1979, and since then there has been no looking back.

In his glorious career spanning over five decades, Mandip Singh Soin or “Mandy” has successfully trekked across the Himalayas, Arctic, Antarctica, Alps, Andes, etc., spread over seven continents.

Mandip Singh Soin has successfully climbed over 19,000 feet of Bamchu Peak in the Himalayas. He also successfully led around 30 explorers to the Antarctic Peninsula in February-March 2017. He also launched #Antarctica Matters to raise awareness to save Antarctica.

At present, Mandip is the founding president of Responsible Tourism Society of India. You can read more about Mandip Singh Soin here.

Anindya Mukherjee

Anindya Mukherjee is an avid mountaineer, author, explorer, adventurer, and TedX speaker. He mentors young mountaineers and explorers across India who dare to do the unknown. Anindya is a knowledgeable person and enjoys reading and writing whenever he has time.

Today, Anindya works as a freelance trek leader with particular expertise in climbing the Indian Himalayas. During his glorious two-decade career, he successfully led, organized and conquered more than 60 mountaineering expeditions in India and various other countries including Kenya, China, Uganda, Tanzania, India. Iceland, Northern Ireland and the French Alps.

In 2015, Anindya successfully climbed the Jidege Shan mountain range in Yunnan, China, and became the first Indian to do so. Read more about notable achievements of Anindya Mukherjee here.

Maninder Kohli

Maninder Kohli was drawn to the mountains because of his father, Captain MS Kohli. Captain Kohli was the driving force behind the spectacular ascent of Mount Everest in India in 1965. Maninder has always had a passion for trekking, skiing, rafting, mountain biking and Himalayan expeditions.

Maninder has completed several adventure and mountaineering courses in various respectable institutions in India and abroad.

Maninder Kohli has successfully participated, led and organized over 75 treks and expeditions in the Indian Himalayas, Nepal and Bhutan. Professionally, Maninder worked with Citibank for two decades as Senior Vice President. Learn more about Maninder Kohli’s professional career and mountain expeditions here.

In conclusion

If you are inspired by the ambassadors of the Trek Kit brand and want to give wing to your dreams and aspirations, do not hesitate any longer. Be sure to pack a complete Trekkit, which includes shock-absorbing footwear, a waterproof jacket, multi-tools, an emergency first aid kit, and essential trekking gear, wherever and whenever you go.

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