Top Sports Equipment Picks for Spring in British Columbia

Pickleball, low-tech pitching tent for softball and baseball, tennis racquets, frisbee golf sets and more, all available now in Canada.

Of course, parts of British Columbia get thunderstorms and enough snow to extend the ski seasonbut we can’t put off spring forever.

To kick start activities on sunny days (even if the weather isn’t cooperating), we’ve compiled a list of outdoor gear to suit any type of weekend warrior: from the football game to training. for the softball beer league through a local. the park’s disc golf, pitch and putt and pickleball facilities.

Resuming tennis or hoping to resume racketing after a long break? Build quality foundations: Vancouver snowshoes and runners offers expert advice with a large inventory (plus, they offer same-day delivery in Vancouver; for orders over $100, delivery is free in Canada). For inexpensive “I’m just trying this” options, Amazon offers name-brand gear such as Head Rackets for less than $40. There are also Wilson Federer Team 105 racquets at canadian tire.

pickleball game

Pickleball (a cross between tennis, badminton and ping pong) has been gaining popularity in British Columbia for about 10 years. Many municipalities have dedicated outdoor courts for all ages. Enthusiasts love the game because it doesn’t require intense athleticism (hand-eye coordination certainly helps), the court is smaller than tennis, it’s a social game, and the score is easy to track. To find Pickleball Canada Rackets (available online or by pickup) at canadian tire.

world cup ball

Canada has World Cup fever and a soccer ball is something to keep for the occasional impromptu game, play date, or skills practice. Find a World Cup 2022 soccer ball on AdidasLoto soccer balls at canadian tire and Umbra soccer balls at walmart.

Bauer Inline Skates

Notice an increase in inline skaters along trails and bike paths? Thanks to a resurgence spurred by the coronavirus, inline skating is back. Find highly rated Bauer RS ​​Senior skates at Professional hockey life.

SKLZ backs off

Described as a “third parent” for little leaguers, a pitchback net has a target area and returns the ball from different angles. There are several options at different price points, but the general construction is the same (rectangular metal frame with netting). SKLZ Pitchback Net ($36.99) at Amazon or directly through SKLZ.

Disc golf set

Canadians love disc golf: it was invented in Saskatchewan, and Canada comes third on a list of most disc golf courses listed by country (most are nine or 18 holes). Getting into the game doesn’t require a big investment in equipment or memorizing complicated rules, just throw the disc as close to a target as possible, with each throw counting as one hit. Langley’s Ace Runners has sets from $27 to $60. There is also the Innova Disc Golf Set at Amazon ($40.84).

Golf City Putter

Golf can be a serious (and slow) sport and the courses are absolutely packed in the summer. Pitch and putt gets you to the green with no time commitment and is great practice for longer courses. Two clubs are recommended for pitch and putts: a new iron and a putter. (It also doesn’t hurt to have a sand wedge and a pitching wedge.) Golftown has all the options under the sun. Golf equipment is also a popular second-hand product; for used sets, check out Sports Junkies and local listings on Facebook and Craigslist.

hiking trails

One of the best things about living in British Columbia is the endless hiking trails along the ocean, through forests, and hidden places to walk neighborhood dogs. To help with posture, balance, and support, trekking poles aren’t just for hard-core hikers. Komperdell Walker Powerlock Compact Pole ($69.95 at MEC).

ankle weights

To add some resistance to a walk, these one pound ankle weights are ideal for rehabilitation and to strengthen the muscles. Like any physical activity, there is a risk of overdoing it with too much pressure on the ankle and joints. Everlast One Pound Ankle/Wrist Weights, $21.99 at Amazon.

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