Tranel says 73% of his campaign money comes from the Montanans

Missoula, Montana (News KGVO-AM) – People with questions for Democratic congressional candidate Monica Tranel kept the phone lines buzzing during Tuesday’s KGVO Talk Back Show.

The first caller, referring to Tranel’s work to get Northwestern Energy to deal with its plans to raise electric bills, asked what it had done to keep energy prices low.

Tranel spoke about his work with the Public Service Commission

“Every time you go to the hospital, it affects you,” Tranel began. “Every time you go grocery shopping or shopping or anywhere and you use a facility powered by Northwestern Energy, you pay these increased rates. And just for a number, for the hospital in Missoula, their annual electricity bill is a million dollars. So think about what a 25% rate increase is going to do to them and how that will be passed on to you.

Tranel pointed out the dangers of the merger

Another caller asked what Tranel could do to keep prices from rising with so many big companies gobbling up their competitors.

“Right now Krogers is trying to buy Albertsons,” she said. “These are the things that drive up your costs at the grocery store. Knowing where the money is, tracking it, and making sure these corporate consolidations don’t hurt the people of Montana, that’s what I’ve been doing my entire career. I did it here on the ground in Montana. I know how to do it. I know how to follow the money and I will do it for Montana and Congress.

Re political fundraising, Tranel claimed that most of his donations came from Montanans, unlike his opponent Ryan Zinke.

“73% of my money comes from Montana and I’m really proud of that,” she said. “In contrast, 8%, that’s eight, single digits, of Ryan Zinke’s money comes from Montana. Most of his money comes from our state’s corporate PACs and if you see these ads and you see these flyers that have my head on a body of Nancy Pelosi or some freaky creepy puppet, or anyone who works with Biden, which means they’re all trying to make this national. for that? who is paid by CAP by Steve Daines.

Tranel closed with appeal to voters

Closing out her hour on Talk Back, which was repeatedly interrupted due to a loss of signal on her way to Butte, Tranel delivered her closing speech to voters.

“I come from here,” she said. “I am for you and I will be my whole career and I will do it in Congress. I think it’s time the Montanans had a voice that truly represents us. And I’ll just tell you a quick story. A guy with a MAGA hat shook my hand and said, “I’m going to vote for you, don’t forget us”. And I think the people of Montana felt left out. I will not forget you. This is my home and I will serve you.

Tranel and libertarian John Lamb have both harshly criticized Republican candidate Ryan Zinke throughout the Congressional campaign. Zinke also appeared on Talk Back the day before and his summary can be found here.

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