Viral IU Cheerleader Signs Deal With Sportswear Company

Basketball (Photo by Chris Graythen/Getty Images)

(NewsNation) – The Indiana University cheerleader who went viral after saving a basketball stuck behind a backboard – which even the players couldn’t reach – is now getting her very own t-shirt.

Cassidy Cerny, who was lifted by Nathan Paris to win the ball in a game between the Indiana Hoosiers and the St. Mary’s Gaels, has landed a names, likeness and likeness contract with the sports clothingy Break T.

They release a t-shirt to commemorate the occasion, which features an almost identical image of Cerny saving the ball with the phrase “The Cheerleader Saves the Day”, originally said by CBS Sports. André Catalon.

The viral moment happened during the second half of the game, which Indiana ultimately lost. A shot from a player blocked the ball, temporarily interrupting the competition.

Players tried to dislodge it by sticking the handle of a mop into the gap. It wasn’t until Cerny went over Paris’ shoulder and dislodged the ball that the match could continue.

“As soon as [the ball got stuck], I was joking in my mind like, ‘Oh, we should do a stunt and we’re going to do it right there,’” Paris told local NewsNation affiliate WXIN the next morning. “Obviously you never think it would come to this. They have other things. Once I saw that the chair wasn’t working, and… the stick wasn’t working, so I thought to myself: ‘It could actually become a real thing.’

The stunt video has been viewed millions of times after it started circulating.

“Social media has been crazy,” Cerny said on WXIN. “Hearing from people at our school and from our friends, parents and others. It was really cool to be able to share this experience not just with our team, but with everyone watching.

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