Which sportswear giant will win the rights to the kit maker from Team India?


On August 3, BCCI announced that it is launching a tender for the kit and the Team India business partner. The announcement came after Nike refused to renew the deal, which ends in September this year.

In 2017, Nike renewed the clause by which they had been bound since 2005 to a four-year agreement with BCCI for 370 crore INR which also included a royalty of 30 crore INR.

German sportswear company Puma has expressed interest in partnering with BCCI. A senior BCCI official told PTI on condition of anonymity that Puma had purchased the ITT (invitation to tender) document worth 1 lakh INR. “I can confirm to you that Puma purchased the ITT (invitation to tender) document worth Rs 1 lakh. Although purchasing an offer document does not mean one is bidding, Puma has shown a genuine interest in submitting an offer. “

An industry expert claims that under the current circumstances that have caused the economic downturn, the rights to the new kit maker could be sold for less than what BCCI was already getting from Nike.

“Don’t be surprised if the new rights holder pays around 200 crore for a five-year contract, which will be significantly less than what Nike paid in the previous tenure,” explained the industry veteran.

As Adidas and Nike slowly downsize in India, Puma appears to be making the most of the situation. India and RCB captain Virat Kohli as well as KL Rahul are the ambassadors of the German brand. Having two of the most prolific players as ambassadors shows how committed Puma is to the Indian market.

“Look, the BCCI offered Nike the first right of refusal and that too a reduced offer which they declined. That could mean two things. Either they are not interested or they can submit an offer which is even smaller. than that of BCCI. Puma has been part of IPL for a few years now and with Virat on their list, this would only strengthen their presence in the Indian market, ”he added.

Another German sportswear manufacturer, Nike’s big rival Adidas, has also expressed interest in becoming the kit maker for Team India, according to sources from The Times of India. BCCI reduced the base price to 61 lakh INR per game, down from 30% compared to the previous 88 lakh. BCCI had a contract with Nike earlier for INR 88 lakh. More interestingly, BCCI has sparked interest from non-sporting companies like Team India’s title sponsor Byju’s.

With all these huge companies keen to become Team India’s official business partner, who would you like to see get the rights? Let us know in the comments section below.

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